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About Me

I am a scientific associate working since 2017 in a nationwide project in Germany called museum4punkt0. My job is to evaluate, plan, develop and implement new methods to extend the exhibition in a museum with digital assets. As generalist my broad educational background provides me with all the tools and knowledge I need to realize every step in current and upcoming technology. In the beginning of 2021 i decided speed up my master of science degree and reduced my job to part-time. I am currently studying as an exchange student in full-time at NTNU in Gjøvik - Norway. While learning a lot of new things i use my spare time to create and educate myself more about filmmaking and drone flying.

My main focus is the production of media in any form. It can be a classical picture, audio, video or a visualization in form of a presentation. My first educational pathway as an electrician is also a key competence of mine.

My biggest strength is the ability to quickly familiarise myself with new topics and find a existing or custom solution to every problem. A few examples can be found in my portfolio just to name a few: a interactive touch-projection with sign language on a curved wall or another part of my work which was to implement an autonomous vr-station for visitors in the museum

Mediaproduction in any way

My interest in creating media in any form always leads me to new knowledge and new ideas I use in projects. Getting familiar with unknown software and hardware is an important task to keep track of to not fall behind in this quickly changing digital age. Doing a lot of hobby filming and technical projects keep me on track aswell.

Planning and Communicating

A key competence of mine is to simplify complex matters and present them. It is very important to me to make sure that everyone understands what is necessary for me to do my work. To keep the quality of my work high I want to use as much time as possible on it and therefore keep in contact with all people involved to prevent misunderstandings.

Broad Knowledge

My technical background as electrician and broad knowledge from the bachelor degree and master studies in different fields support my decision making process and secure a good outcome in all of the projects I am working in. I always am eager to extend my understanding and see the similarities between different fields.