360-Video Preview

360-Video Preview

This video is a sneak peak to my work I am doing at my current job. It shows a few scenes of 360-Videos of cultural customs around the topic carnival which are executed in many european countrys. In total more than 20 different 360-Videos were created by me in a timeframe of 4 years. I had the responsability from begnning to the end which included looking for the best equipment in our price range and best sustainability, planning and filming only once a year or even rarer occuring events, up to the application of the finished videos in Oculus Go headsets and a dome projection.

My work can be find in the exhibition of the museum I am working for. If you are curious about the museum you can follow this link here. Another link which shows some of my work at the museum is the new project-page which is a virtual museum about the Swabic-Alemannic Carnival by following this link here you can discover the website.

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